Available Tags

A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your test with other, similar test. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and to benefit from it.

Tags are grouped into categories, there are 4 categories available: general, subject, level, and syllabus.

"General" group are used for tagging usual, community related tests. "Subject", "level" and "syllabus" groups are used in tagging academic tests.
"Formal", "informal" and "trial" tags, although belong to "general" group, are special tags used in tagging academic tests

If you can't find any suitable tag for your test, you may write to us through support inbox, together with your tag suggestions.

Note: English is used as the system language. Please tag your test in English in order to be recognized by the system


CommunityRelated to community
FormalExamination organized by governments or approved institutions.
FunInclude: LOL, Comedy, OMG, 笑笑
InformalExamination organized by informal institutions, usually schools.
Other general
PersonalRelated to personal
PersonalityRelated to personality test.
PrivatePrivate tests. Usually locked by the author and password is needed to access it.
Psychology AssessmentPsychology Testing, Penilaian Psikologi, 心理测验
Self developmentRelated to self empowerment, self development, etc.
TrialTrial examination that mimic formal examination, organized by governments or approved institutions.


AccountingInclude: Perakaunan, 会计
Arabic LanguageInclude: العربية ,Bahasa Arab
Arabic Literature
ArtInclude: Seni, 艺术, 美术, 美工
BiologyInclude: Biologi, 生物
BusinessInclude: Perniagaan, Perdagangan, 贸易, 商管
CareerInclude: Career development, 生涯规划
ChemistryInclude: Kimia, 化学
Chinese LanguageInclude: Bahasa Cina, 华文, 中文
Chinese LiteratureInclude: Kesusasteraan Cina, 中文文学
Classical studies
ComputingInclude: Computer Science, 电脑概论
DesignInclude: Reka Cipta, 设计
DramaInclude: 表演艺术
EconomicsInclude: Ekonomi, 经济
English LanguageInclude: Bahasa Inggeris, 英文
English Literature
Entrepreneurial StudiesInclude: Keusahawanan, 创业
Environmental studiesInclude: Environmental management, 环境学
FoodInclude: Food studies, Food and Nutrition
French LanguageInclude: français, Bahasa Perancis, 法文
French LiteratureInclude: littérature française
General studiesInclude: Pengajian Am, General Paper
GeographyInclude: Geografi, 地理
German LanguageInclude: deutsche Sprache
German LiteratureInclude: Deutsch Literatur
HindiInclude: हिंदी
Hindi LiteratureInclude: हिंदी साहित्य
HistoryInclude: Sejarah, 历史
Information TechnologyInclude: Information and communication technology, ICT, IT, 资讯科技
IslamInclude: Islamic studies
Japanese LanguageInclude: 日本語
LawsInclude: Perundangan, 法律
Life educationInclude: 生命教育
Living skillsInclude: Kemahiran Hidup, 生活科技
Malay LanguageInclude: Bahasa Melayu
Malay LiteratureInclude: Kesusasteraan Melayu
MarineInclude: 水产
MathematicsInclude: Matematik, 数学
Mathematics (Advance)Include: Additional Math, Further Math, Math M, Math T, 高级数学
Media studiesInclude: 媒体
Moral EducationInclude: Pendidikan moral, 道德
MusicsInclude: Muzik, 音乐
Other subject
Physical educationInclude: Pendidikan Jasmani, 体育
PhysicsInclude: Fizik, 物理
PsychologyInclude: Counselling, 心理学, 辅导
ScienceInclude: Sains, 科学
Science (Advance)Include: Additional Science, Applied Science, Health Science, Natural Science, 高级科学, 自然科学
SociologyInclude: Civil, Humanities, 公民与社会
Spanish LanguageInclude: Español
Spanish LiteratureInclude: la literatura española
Sports scienceInclude: Sains sukan, 健康与体育
Tamil LanguageInclude: தமிழ், Bahasa Tamil
Tamil LiteratureInclude: தமிழ் இலக்கியம், Kesusasteraan Tamil
TextilesInclude: Design and Textiles
Thai LanguageInclude: ไทย
Thai LiteratureInclude: วรรณคดีไทย
TheologyInclude: Religion
TourismInclude: 旅游


AdvancedInclude: Advanced, 高級
ElementaryInclude: Elementary, 初级
Elementary 1Include: 1st Grade, Standard 1, 小一General Elementary Education
Elementary 2Include: 2nd Grade, Standard 2, 小二General Elementary Education
Elementary 3Include: 3rd Grade, Standard 3, 小三General Elementary Education
Elementary 4Include: 4th Grade, Standard 4, 小四General Elementary Education
Elementary 5Include: 5th Grade, Standard 5, 小五General Elementary Education
Elementary 6Include: 6th Grade, Standard 6, 小六General Elementary Education
IntermediateInclude: Intermediate, 中級
No level
Other level
Secondary 1Include: 7th Grade, Form 1, 初中一General Secondary Education
Secondary 2Include: 8th Grade, Form 2, 初中二General Secondary Education
Secondary 3Include: 9th Grade, Form 3, 初中三General Secondary Education
Secondary 4Include: 10th Grade, Form 4, 高中一General Secondary Education
Secondary 5Include: 11th Grade, Form 5, 高中二General Secondary Education
Secondary 6Include: 12th Grade, Form 6, 高中三General Secondary Education
UniversityInclude: collegeCollege, undergraduate, master, etc.


A-Level SGInclude: Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level [Singapore]
A-Level UKInclude: GCE Advanced Level [United Kingdom]
ACTInclude: American College Testing [United States]
ATARInclude: Australian Tertiary Admission Rank [Australia]
EGEInclude: Единый государственный экзамен, ЕГЭ, Unified State Exam [Russia]
GAT-PATInclude: General Aptitude Test / Professional Aptitude Test [Thailand]
GCSEInclude: General Certificate of Secondary Education [United Kingdom]
GSATInclude: General Scholastic Ability Test, 大学学科能力测验 [Taiwan]
HKALEInclude: Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination [Hong Kong]
HKCEEInclude: Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination [Hong Kong]
IIE-JEEInclude: JEE, AIEEE, Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Entrance Examination, All India Engineering Entrance Examination [India]
MatriculationInclude: All type of matriculation [General]
MaturaInclude: Mature, Matur, Maturita, Maturità, Maturität, Mатура [General]
N-Level SGInclude: N Level, N(T) Level, N(A) Level [Singapore]
NCEEInclude: National College Entrance Examination, 高考, 普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 [China]
O-Level SGInclude: GCE Ordinary(O) Level [Singapore]
O-Level UKInclude: GCE Ordinary(O) Level [United Kingdom]
O-NETInclude: Ordinary National Education Test [Thailand]
Other syllabus
PMRInclude: Penilaian Menengah Rendah [Malaysia]
PSLEInclude: Primary School Leaving Examination [Singapore]
PT3Include: Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 [Malaysia]
PublicInclude: Public
SATInclude: SAT [United States]
SPMInclude: Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia [Malaysia]
STATInclude: Special Tertiary Admissions Test [Australia]
STPMInclude: Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia [Malaysia]
UECInclude: Unified Examination Certificate [Malaysia]
UNASInclude: Ujian Nasional [Indonesia]
UPSRInclude: Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah [Malaysia]